Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle touring can lead to a lifetime of new adventures, new friends and awe inspiring realizations about yourself and the country we live in.  We began our journey just as you are now; reading websites about safety and how to’s:  How to plan, how to pack, where to stay and what to expect.  We’ve pulled together our experiences, as well experiences of others to give people who are thinking about motorcycle touring a place to start, and share tips & tricks with those who are already on the road.

Our version of motorcycle touring may not turn out to be exactly your version and that’s how it’s supposed to be, this is primarily about freedom although we’re all traveling in similar space.  You may go to a certain part of the country and experience different sights, different foods and take different photographs than us.  We all get there on a motorcycle, we all have the adventurous spirit, we even ride the same roads, but you make every motorcycle tour your own personal journey.

We would love to hear about your trips and the things you’ve learned that work better for you, we don’t think we know it all or the best way.  We only know how things have worked for us on our motorcycle tours, including the mistakes we’ve made.  Most of all we know how much fun we’ve had, and want to share with everyone.  Don’t forget to visit our blog, the link is on this page and in the top menu of all our pages.  Share your stories, maybe even start a blog of your own motorcycle tours.   The only rule is to have fun !!!

Motorcycle Touring Zion National Park

Motorcycle touring Bend Oregon

Visit Bend

Homebase, Bend Oregon.  Click here.

Bend Oregon

We think Bend, Oregon is about the best place on the planet to call home.  We hope you will ride through one day on your way to Crater Lake, the Cascade Mountains of any of the other “Wonders of Oregon.”